Saturday, April 15, 2017

Who is Spider Man?

Hello and welcome to another Have Colors, Be Happy post.  This weekend is a birthday card and then tomorrow a Easter card.  So first let's see what colors I used.

ScrappyDew Vault Member file Super Heros view #7
Scrap Factory- Boy=No open Toes; Hair= Neil
Vault Member file Spider Web
Papers=American Crafts
     Peebles "KaBoom"
     Birthday Boy
Silver Bullet 24" Pro cutterSure Cuts A Lot V4.059
All my tools of scrapbooking including the kitchen sink!

I imported the Spider Web file so that I could make a card base.  Just a heads up, don't forget to mirror one image so that when closed the card closes it goes together.  Great Tip!  I cut the spider web and then made both the masked and un-masked spider men.  Cut some letters and yippee I was done.

Here is how it came out.

I used holographic paper from the Dollar Tree.

This came out really cute.  I manipulated the head (basically cut it off to get the new head to fit).

Looking good.

The back of the card is decorated also.

I found these big books at a thrift store.  Chase loves to read.


My favorite childrens author

The illustrations are fabulous.

That's it for the first post this weekend.  Have a Happy Easter! 

Bright Blessings, Jana

Saturday, April 1, 2017

There is a new DIVA in town!

Mrs. Scrappy Dew has done it again.  She has designed a new file called DIVA 2017.  Thank you Chrystal!  I look forward to a new DIVA file every couple of years.  DT ~ Jana is very happy!

Hey there my crafty crew!  Had a wonderful time with the girls shopping last week.  I found a lot of new clothes that are for work.  Work?  Yes, I have returned to the work force.  Not just because it is our machine shop, doesn't mean that it's not real work.  I get filthy but also I have no boss.  So the best of both worlds.  I can also craft at work if I want, Yippe!

So this week it's all about being a DIVA.  Let's see the colors for this weeks creation.

~ Recollections Scraps
~ Big and small printed scraps
~ Micron 01 Black Pen
~ White Sakura Gel Pen
~ Pastel Chalks
~ Pebbles basic chalks
~ Font = Chasing Hearts 
~ KNK Zing electronic cutter
~ Make The Cut Software
~ Chocolate candy and Mocha Freeze mix from Costco

Well since this blog is all about being happy and bright colors I hope that you like this weeks new happy thoughts.  It changes each post, (did you notice?)

So here is my creation with the ScrappyDew Diva File 2017!!!  Happy happy joy joy!!! 

All the pieces of view #3 are cut out with some extras

The front of the card

Oh, what's this?  The card is opening.
I made a hinge that doesn't show up in the pics.  So the front opens and this is the inside.

Here is the inside, I will write a note on the left.

So that is what I created using this fabulous new file from the dear to my heart, ScrappyDew!  Now next week is my little neighbor boys 4th birthday.  So I am making a Batman card for him.  I found some giant books for him while shopping.  I'll show you everything next week.

Bright blessings for the best week ever, Bright Blessings, Jana