Saturday, June 10, 2017

It's Graduation Season

Hello everyone!  I have a graduation card for your inspiration.  I've gotta tell ya, working with tiny little feathers is not easy.  I wanted a wise old owl on the front.  So I dug out my feather collection.  I found a package of Guinea fowl feathers.  I liked the colors and they were not to big to work with.  Boy was I in for a mess.  I'll finish the story in a minute.  But first lets do the colors:

~From the ScrappDew Vault:
     Grad Hoot PNG
     Owl 2015

~Guinea Fowl Feathers
~TPC Class Act Tassel Toss paper by Colorbok
~Graduation stickers from Walmart
~KNK Zing Electronic Die cutting machine
~Make the Cut Software
~Scissors, quilting ruler, glue stick, needle nosed tweezers and other stuff.

OK now back to the story.  I gave my kitty Emmie a feather to play with while I glued them on the wise old owl I was making.  The next thing I see is Emmie jumping onto the work bench.  The feathers went flying everywhere.  Oh well, the  vacuum cleaner will pick them up in the morning.

So here is the completed graduation card.
Here is the wise old owl.  I just happened to have paper with motar boards.

Here is the inside

And finally the back cover.

It's turned out OK.  I will have to re-visit using feathers sometime in the future.  So that's it for this week.  I have to design a birthday card for a dear friend so maybe that will be the project for next week.  

Hope to have you visit again very soon.  Bright Blessings for a fabulous week ahead, Jana