Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Happy Fall Ya'all!

Yeppers.  It is just about my favorite time of year.  I am a born and raised Oregonian.  This season called spring and summer are always way to hot and sunny for me.  Give me dreary gray skies and absolute downpours of rain and I am a happy girl.  Strange huh.  Well I know that a lot of people love the summer for camping.  This is my special ode to a certain someone.

I have used the Tent Trailer Box and the Mountain Camping Box Card files provided by Simply Crafty SVG's.  Sandy has incredible files that cut and go together perfectly!  Go on over and have a look.

I have combined the Tent Trailer and the Mountain Camping files to create a Mountain Tent Trailer box card and the Tent Trailer gift box.  So here are my creations.

This is the completed Tent Trailer Box.  I thought that the
lanterns looked like the paper ones from Japan.  So of course
I had to put tassels on them.

See the lid of the tent trailer comes off and you have a little
space for treats or whatever.
Here is the back of the box.

Here is where it gets a little tricky.  I used the Mountain
Camping Box Card.  I cut the Air Stream trailer 1/2 off and
left some as a support for the tent camper.  I made just the front
of the tent trailer and then glued it onto the support.  I made the rest
of the Mountain Camping Box Card the same.

Here is the side view of the box card.

This is the back.  I reduced the mountains and cut some paper then pasted it on.
That way I can write what I want to on the back.
Here are the two projects together.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to visit.  I will be back again really soon.

Bright blessings,  

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