Monday, September 2, 2019

A birthday card for ???

Hello all my crafties!   I needed to make a birthday card for a special someone.  I try to out do myself each year.  This year I really have done it.  This is called an Square Exploding Box.  I found this SVG file from Simply Crafty SVG's.
Here is the link:

I have to warn you.  This post is very picture heavy. 

Just starting to cut out the file.  I use Make The Cut software and my KNK Zing.

I fell in love with this paper.  It's nice and stiff.

Here are the 4 layers to the square exploding box. 
(I decided not to use the aqua paper in the final project).

Let's Decorate!  The Square Exploding Box File has the toppers for each
layer.  I chose to double the paper so that both front and back are decorated.
The paper I have used was found at a thrift store.  50 sheets for 3 dollars. 
These papers all coordinated beautifully.  So this is the outside of the
square exploding box.

This is the Aqua middle section.

The other side of the Aqua section.

This is the 3rd layer and is light grey.

The other side of the 3rd layer.

Here is the Square Exploding Box with the top on.

Here is the completed box with the lid on.

I've taken the lid off and the box is exploding!

Now you can see the box is fully exploded.

Just a nice beauty shot of my project.

Well I finally got blogger to play nice again.  Got the pics and the captions completed.  I will have to show you the finished project next month after the special occasion.  

Until then,

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